Green System FAQs

What is the green system?
The Green System consists of a pod of products connected to an inverter. The inverter is connected to a 208-240VAC (commonly known as 220 Volt) power supply. Once the users begin exercising, power is generated and fed back into the power grid to offset other power consumption in the facility.

What are the electrical requirements of the system?
A 208-240VAC 15A power supply.

If the green system makes power, why connect to the electrical grid?
The Green System is made to produce power and immediately send it back into the electrical grid. This is much more efficient than battery storage systems which are expensive, environmentally harmful, take up space, and require processing that wastes power. With the Green System, the power produced via exercise is immediately fed back into the grid to be consumed by other electronic devices.

Which SportsArt fitness cardio products can be used with the green system?
Full commercial category: G872 elliptical, G572r recumbent cycle, G572u upright cycle

Why canít SportsArtís traditional self-generating cardio products be used in the green system?
Because Green System cardio product components are designed specifically for power production, other cardio products, even self-generating products, are not compatible with the Green System.

How much energy can the Green System produce?
Up to 2000 watt-hours, per pod of products at maximum capacity.

How much money will this save me?
This will depend on how much each unit is used. To calculate average savings, check out the green calculator at

Is the Green System safe?
Yes. Requirements for the Green System are similar to normal electrical requirements. A qualified electrician would be needed to install the 208-240 VAC power supply. A cable kit is provided to link the products.

Could the green system send power into a downed line, hurting someone working on the line?
No. If grid power goes off, the Green System turns off automatically (via mechanical means) to prevent feeding power back into the grid.

Is the Green System UL or ETL approved?
Yes. The Green System cardio products and inverter are the ONLY products that harness human energy and have cETLus approval, which means they meet safety standards in both the US and Canada including UL standards.

Why is UL or ETL approval important?
Products certified by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories are recognized for meeting strict safety and quality standards. These standards are put in place to prevent injury or property damage that could result from the use of products. Should an accident occur with an electrical product, proof of certification could be required by an insurance company before they will pay a claim, according to the International Association of Electrical Inspectorsí website.

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