SportsArt Fitness Equipment Leasing Program

SportsArt Fitness has financing solutions available for your commercial equipment needs. See why leasing makes sense

Immediate use of equipment: Our leasing options can help you make a valuable investment in the future of your facility, without the stress of
paying a large lump sum up front. You get new equipment that your members will enjoy right now, and you can break your investment in to manageable monthly payments.

Tax Benefits: You can deduct your monthly lease payment as an operating expense. Leasing also helps you avoid the AMT liability tax.

Easier cash flow forecasting: Fixed monthly payments help you budget for your future.

Preserves credit: Leasing doesn’t tie up your line of credit, so you can have more capital at your disposal when you need it.

Fixed payments: You can lock in your payments now and avoid the risk of inflation in the future.

Longer terms: Many banks will only lend short term, leasing allows you to extend your terms to make payments more comfortable.

Find out more or get started right away:
Contact your SportsArt Fitness sales rep to learn more about your leasing options. Your rep will walk you through the process to answer your questions and help you qualify for our leasing program.

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