Marionjoy Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital "The ICARE makes fitness equipment much more accessible for patients with disabilities. The ICARE will help improve cardiovascular function and patients will be able to tolerate more intensive therapy which in turn will lead to better quality of life." – Cindy Rechenmacher, Marianjoy Physical Therapist and Outpatient Services Supervisor

"Marianjoy is at the forefront of rehabilitation and the ICARE system is an important addition to our service line, especially as we move toward state-of-the-art Assistive Rehabilitation Technology Institute, which is one of the major elements of our Legacy Campaign," said Kathleen Yosko, President and CEO of Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. "This progressive technology will undoubtedly enhance patient outcomes and improve the quality of life for people with disabling conditions."

"This advanced technology will enhance our ability to help many people with a broad range of diagnoses," confirmed Dr. Kathleen Ruroede, Vice President of Clinical Outcomes and Research at Marianjoy. "The ICARE system will also allow for multi-institutional collaboration and research opportunities to further advance the field physical medicine and rehabilitation."

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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital "We are extremely pleased to partner with SportsArt Fitness, an international leader in state-of-the-art fitness equipment," said Marsha Lommel, President and CEO of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. "The ICARE offers a tremendous advancement in rehabilitation therapy and increases patients' access to effective and affordable gait therapy."

"The ICARE enhances our ability to help people with many types of diagnoses. Having this technology is a step forward in rehabilitation care," Michelle Crouse, DPT

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