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Knowledge is Power: University Students Compete in 'Kilowatt Throwdown'
SmartGrid, March 2013
Gym Workouts Churn Out Energy for Colleges
Center for Digital Education, February 2013
Students Generate Electricity from Exercising
Energy Manager Today, February 2013
Turning The ‘Freshman 15' Into Clean Energy
Care 2 Make a Difference, February 2013
Tennessee Tech, Chapman University Embark on Energy Output Challenge
Campus Technology, February 2013
Green Power From Fitness
Alternative Energy Newswire, February 2013
Green Power From Fitness
Before It's News, February 2013
Turning Sweat Into Electricity: Two Schools Compete for Power, February 2013
Trend report: gyms using your power to feed the grid, January 2013
More Exercise Cycles, Treadmills Feed The Grid, January 2013
Kilowatt throwdown: Help Chapman top the Tennessee Tech Eagles
Chapman University Happenings, January 2013
The Greening of University Fitness Facilities
University Business, December 2012
SportsArt Fitness Introducing the New ECOFIT Networking System for Their Electricity-Producing Green System
TechCat, September 2012
Victoria’s Hidden Gem: The Victoria Athletic Club
Fitness Business Canada, September 2012
Fitness Center looks to go green, seeks student input for facility name
The Oracle, September 2012
Madonna Rehab walking device to be sold nationally, July 2012
Elliptical Device May Have Treatment Implications for Patients with Mobility Limitations
Rehab Management, July 2012
Stars of Sustainability
Alaska Airlines, May 2012
Victoria hotel guests pedal for power in green gym
Vancouver Metro News, April 2012
Canadian Hotel The Grand Pacific in Victoria Offers First Ever Gym Equipment to Harness Workout Energy to Send Back to Grid
Travel Video News, March 2012
Human Powered Fitness Centre
CTV Television Network, March 2012
Power to the People: Electrifying Workout has Rewards
Times Colonist, Vancouver Island, March 2012
The Grand Pacific in Victoria Offers First Ever Gym Equipment to Harness Workout Energy to Send Back to Grid
Travel Video News, March 2012
For a Green Ride, Get EcoFit
Kinetic Shift, March 2012
Harness the Power of Human Energy, February 2012
SportsArt’s Exercise Products Feed Electricity into Grid
Green Lodging News, February 2012
Gyms Learn to Harness the Power of Exercise, January 2012
The Power in Getting Fit, January 2012
Health and Fitness: SportsArt Fitness introduces energy-harnessing Green System with new ECOFIT Networking System, December 2011
Elliptical Generates Its Own Electricity, December 2011
The SportsArt Fitness C532u Upright Cycle - Pricey, But Worth It, December 2011
Eco-tech has officially hit the gym
Outside Magazine, December 2011
New Year's Resolution: Get fit, make electricity, December 2011
Finally, Sweat Turns into Electricity
Knoxville News Sentinel, October 2011
SportsArt Fitness Powers Up Green System Equipment
Sporting Goods Intelligence, September 2011
Live from Health and Fitness Business – SportsArt Fitness
Interbike TV, September 2011
SportsArt Fitness featured on ESPN’s RISE UP – Seattle
ESPN, September 2011
Power from the People
Athletic Business Magazine, July 2011
SportsArt unveils Green System Scheme
Club Business International Magazine, May 2011
IHRSA Product Trends – Going Green
SNEWS, April 2011
Fitness Equipment R&D Not Affected by Recession
Club Industry Magazine, March 2011
SportsArt Adds to its Green Equipment Lines
Club Business International Magazine, March 2011
SportsArt cycles rated #1 by consumer review site, January 2011
Life & Style Magazine: Cast of Entourage train on the E870 Elliptical
Life & Style, August 2010
SportsArt Pinnacle Trainer Provides High-Intensity Workout
SNEWS, July 2010
Green Hotels Association recognizes SportsArt as
Approved Vendor

Green Hotels Association Greening Newsletter, June 2009
Runner's World - The TR21f is Rock Solid!
Runner's World Magazine, February 2009
SportsArt Fitness Wins Nova 7 Awards!
Fitness Management Magazine, August 2008
America's Healthiest Fitness Award,
Top Gear of 2008 – E825 Elliptical

Health Magazine, June 2008
Best Low-impact Elliptical – E83 Elliptical
Prevention Magazine, January 2008