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These items have recently been replaced in our product line up but may still be available as new equipment from specialty dealers around the country. They still offer the same great quality and performance that SportsArt Fitness has been delivering for over 30 years.
Cycles Ellipticals Treadmills XTrainers/Strength Alt Trainers/
C51r 803 TR33 XT10 2100
C51u 805 TR32 XT50 7005
C52r 807 TR31 A93 S770
C52u E82/E820 T650    
C53r E80 TR21f    
C53u E821 T650Me    
C530r E81 T650M    
C531r E870 T670    
C531u E880 T680    
C520r   T610    
C520u   T620    
C570r   T630    
C570r   TR20    
C50r   T680e    
C50u   T670e    
C580r   TR20f    
C580u   T680e