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About SportsArt Fitness
Where can I read and write reviews of SportsArt Fitness equipment?

There are a few different places you can find reviews of SportsArt Fitness equipment. One of the best places to read and write reviews is on our website on the Reviews page.

Where can I learn more about SportsArt technology and innovation?

Our products are built piece by piece in our factory, not outsourced like other manufacturers, so we can monitor the highest standards of design and performance. To learn more about SportsArtís special innovation please refer to our About Us page or read about some of our innovations in our Glossary of Terms.

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Customer Service
If I have a problem with my product, how do I obtain Warranty Service or Technical Help?

Call SportsArt Customer Service at 866.709.1750, or send an email here and a Customer Service Support Rep will be glad to assist or troubleshoot the problem with you. Otherwise, they will dispatch a local authorized service technician in your area. Please refer to the questions below before calling to be sure you have the proper information on hand.

What information would I need to supply the SportsArt Fitness Customer Service Rep?

The Model and Serial Numbers, along with an overview of the problem (including Error Codes, symptoms, explanations of current problem, etc). You may be asked to provide a contact person, email address, and phone number to the Customer Service Rep.

Where can I find the Model and Serial Numbers on my SportsArt product?

Treadmills: The Model Number is on the display panel. The Serial Number is located on the front frame next to the on/off switches and fuses.
Elliptical: The Model Number is on the display panel. The Serial Number is on the right lower bottom frame of the machine where the slide rail slides in/out.
Cycles: The Model Number is on the display panel. The Serial Number is underneath the seat frame.

How do I register my product's warranty?

To register your product, simply visit the Warranty Registration page and fill out the form.

Why should I register my equipment?

When you register your product with SportsArt Fitness we automatically register and confirm your warranty on that product. We also send you a FREE heart rate telemetry strap that works wirelessly with your product!

Is the equipment difficult to assemble?

Each piece of SportsArt Fitness equipment comes complete with owner manual and tool kit that includes every thing you need to properly assemble your equipment. Please be advised that unassembled pieces may be very heavy and it may take more than one person to properly assemble SportsArt Fitness equipment.

What Routine Maintenance will I need to perform on my SportsArt Product?

Please refer to our Maintenance page in the Service section of the website.

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Product Information
How does the telemetry heart rate work?

Many of SportsArtís products will read and react to a wireless heart rate signal and some offer programs that automatically adjust resistance, incline or speed based on your heart rate and program settings throughout your workout. The user must wear a compatible telemetry heart rate chest strap in order for the product to wirelessly read their heart rate. When you register your warranty, you should receive a free chest strap in the mail. If you would like to purchase more heart rate chest straps, they are available in our eStore.

What is Contact Heart Rate (CHR)?

Contact Heart Rate is a feature that allows the user to enjoy the ability to monitor and control their heart rate regardless if they have a telemetry strap.

Where can I try the equipment before I purchase?

We have a searchable database of dealers in your area so you can visit your nearest dealer and try SportsArt Fitness equipment before purchasing. Find a dealer near you here.

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Online Ordering
Can I purchase SportsArt Fitness products online?

Yes, you can shop online for SportsArt Fitness products at our eStore.

Is it possible to change my order once I have added it to cart?

Yes, before completing your transaction, you are able to remove your item from the shopping cart. NOTE: Once your transaction has been completed you will not be able to change your order.

What is the return policy?

The SportsArt Fitness Return Policy can be viewed by clicking the icon below:
Return Policy

When my order goes through, will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes, you will receive an email order confirmation within minutes. Please save this email for your records and for any future correspondence.

What methods of payment does SportsArt Fitness accept?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Is financing available?

Currently we do not offer financing; we only accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

How do I cancel an order?

Once you have placed your order you will not be able to cancel it. You may contact SportsArt Fitness Ecommerce and we will try to stop the order before it is shipped, but there is no guarantee that we can stop your order from shipping.

Is there a discount for ordering more than one product?

At this time we are not offering discounts for orders less than 5 products. If you would like multiple products, please contact SportsArt Fitness directly at 800.709.1400 so we can have a salesperson create a custom quote for you.

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My Account
What are the benefits of setting up an account?

All your information will be kept on file and kept confidential. You will not have to enter your billing/shipping information on future orders unless you want to update this information, and will have access to your Order History.

Am I able to change my account information once it's set up?

Yes, once you login here you will be able to change/update your billing and shipping information, along with your login and contact information.

What do I do if I forgot my login information?

Go to the eStore Login Request Form and enter your email address. We will email you a new temporary password within minutes.

How can I check my Order History?

Once you have logged into the eStore your Order History will appear along with your Wish List and Reviews. By clicking My Account on the left side of the page, you can access your account information.

Do I have to set up an account?

No, you may purchase products without setting up an account by filling in your Shipping and Billing information and then clicking "Continue as a Guest" on the following page.

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Shipping and Delivery
How will my product be delivered and how much will shipping cost?

It will depend on which shipping option you choose from our Shipping Options (Click icon below for current options).
Shipping Options

Will my product be assembled for me by the delivery company?

Currently, our Platinum Shipping Option is available for professional assembly.

Can I choose a specific time and date for delivery?

Once your order has been shipped, you will be notified (either by SportsArt or the delivery professionals) at the phone number provided of the ship date, carrier, and tracking information. We have requested that the carrier contact you to set a delivery time range.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Yes, sales tax is charged on total merchandise and delivery charges for Washington, California and Arizona orders only.

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Technical Help
What are the browser requirements needed for my pc in order to complete an order?

Our website was designed for use with Internet Explorer 6.0 and above.

I keep receiving an error message when trying to complete my order, what do I do?

Note as much detail as you can and send the error to: SportsArt Fitness Ecommerce

I didn't receive an order confirmation, did my order go through or do I need to start the process again?

Your order confirmation should arrive within minutes of placing your order. However, failure to receive a confirmation does not necessarily mean we did not receive your order. There are many reasons an email could take time to arrive including network traffic, bandwidth consumption, or congestion.
To view your order status, login here. You can view your orders by clicking the "Order History" link.

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