SportsArt Fitness cardio and strength products are found in cardio and physical rehab departments, spine clinics, pediatric and bariatric facilities, where "one size fits all" is not the rule. Patients and clinicians alike appreciate the low startup resistance and comfortable amenities that can contribute to faster and more complete recovery from injury or surgery.
SportsArt equipment features unique hospital-friendly features such as:
• Adjustable stride length ellipticals
• Step-through access on cycles
• Super low 1/10th mph start speed on treadmills
• Unique low-impact total body trainers like the XTrainer
• Optional medical handrails and therapeutic cycle pedals
• Comfortable mesh reclining cycle seat backs
• Remote and fingertip controls to access settings without letting go of handles
• 3% decline to 15% incline and reverse mode on treadmills
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