Well constructed, Silky smooth operation

Lost 43 lbs in 1st year of using the E83. The first 15 minutes are always the worst, but the comfortable operation on the E83 makes it easier to get beyond that where an hour or more is not a chore. I need workouts to be a little more interesting, and although the E83 has a nice display, I always have my laptop in the book holder watching Hulu (or surfing). As someone involved in Software Development (testing) I would love to see a Wireless Open API that would allow an IPAD or Notebook PC to interface with the elliptical so that folks could write their own software to allow workout data and digital media (ie Hulu) to coexist on a device like the IPAD as the main display.
Rating: 5 stars
A member from: NY, USA

best elliptical trainer I have owned

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. My doctor said if I lost my excess weight (I was at 320 lbs) I would probably beat it. The problem was that the "Big Box" stores only offer trainers that go to a max of 275 lbs, and they only have 90 day warranties....in 2 years I destroyed 2 of them, broken welds, broken axles, etc.. I then found this one, the E83, and it accomidated a user weight to 400 lbs, when I bought I was down to 280. The 1 year parts & labor and the 5 year parts warranty sold me. I have had it a little over a year now and I am down to 260, I am not on any Diabetes medication, and all my "sugar" numbers are normal again. The wide variety of workouts on this machine make it fun to use....that is the key, it needs to be fun, not a chore. I anticipate on using this machine for years to come.
Rating: 5 stars
A member from: Round Rock, TX USA

Product review

Nice and sturdy machine. The eliptical motion is a little jerky. It gives a good work-out with lots of options and settings.
Rating: 4 stars
A member from: Omaha, NE, USA

Elliptical not bad, but without the heart monitor it looses all it bells&..
We never could get the heart monitor to work. It is decent machine, but it is like having a cool car with a broken radio in it.
Rating: 2 stars
A member from: Gilbert az